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Calling all Authors and Writers …

Is There a Book in You?

Does It Need Help or a Massive Makeover?

Are You Ready to Start Your Next Book?

AuthorU® is a non-profit membership community of authors, writers and publishers and registered as a 501 (c)6 with the IRS. It’s for you to if you want to learn about …

  • Saving thousands of dollars in mistakes that most authors make;

  • Being able to identify publishing scams and publishing predators before the suck one dollar of your money;

  • Writing a book, resurrecting a book, or just supporting a book;

  • Developing a game-plan that has roots;

  • Designing a book that is the right fit for your audience;

  • Marketing moxie that creates results;

  • Developing Social media strategies that are book and author friendly;

  • Crowdfunding for Authors and Books;

  • Achieving Amazing Results

Is there a book in you? Or another? Or is your book just limping along? AuthorU® will show you how to create, develop and publish your book without being hoodwinked. If you already have a book out, you will find a supportive and brain-storming community that is connected and creative.


Through AuthorU’s extensive network and VIP Publishing Service Associates, members enjoy exclusive benefits including significant discounts for a variety of services necessary to the serious author and publisher. 

If you want to create a book that has pizazz, punch and panache, AuthorU® is for you. If you are a “hobbyist” or a “casual” author, it’s not. If you are author who wants to be seriously successful, definitely join!

Join AuthorU® and Be a Part of our Author and Publishing Community!

Click the link to join AuthorU: AuthorYOU Membership

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