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Libraries … a Great Place to Sell Books 


  • They pay their accounts on time and don’t return books.

  • Librarians love books and create buzz in the library community.


  • Librarians make recommendations and know their customers.


What you need to know is that the great majority of libraries order books through key distribution centers such as Baker & Taylor, Ingram and Quality Books.

You need to have your books in at least one of the library approved buying portals.

Below are websites to start the library cart rolling. You will need to explore them and submit per their guidelines:

Baker & Taylor
Ingram Content
Quality Books




Don’t think of these companies as your warehouse to store books. Use the company Ship Your Books (contact info under Resources) — all bulk orders can be shipped for fulfillment directly from Ship Your Books, which would be the “warehouse” to ship inventory from … but usually libraries use distributors like Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Follett, Unique and Quality.

Audiobooks and eBooks are hot in the library world. You need to be there as well. Resources, such as Overdrive and Smashwords are excellent portals to over your book to and through.

Get the library force on your side.

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